About FP24

FP24 is an independent collaborative art space for Transmedia Art and interactive formats of exhibition making, emphasizing on art practices which reflect on identity, technology, and transmigration.

Our program is project-based, as our chief purpose is to foster collaboration, reciprocity, and exchange. It is our goal to establish an international, Pan European network of cultural producers from various fields who will use the space to connect to other individuals and institutions to bring forth discussions which push the boundaries of conventional exposition making. In doing so, we hope to establish a more varied perspective of contemporary Europe as a new, transcontinental space where cultures blend to produce a vibrant tapestry of ideas which may inspire new traditions in the future.


FP24 is located directly on the Falconplein, an oblique square at the heart of the Schipperskwartier in Antwerp. The panoramic windows offer a full view of the surrounding architecture and the neighborhood’s colorful inhabitants. The venue is made up of two connecting rooms; the first is L-shaped which connects to a private viewing room through a small corridor. The total floor surface is approximately 200 square meters.


The FP24 initiative aims to develop an International, transcontinental network, which embodies the Pan-European ideal of freedom of thought and movement. We hope to intermediate between people who feel connected to the spirit of Europe and the European identity, regardless of their background or origins. As an organization, our focus goes beyond established methods of art production, as we seek to experience ideas which operate outside familiar knowledge-systems, by engaging with independent investigational art practices. Our approach to art and cultural production is eclectic and diverse, as we aspire to offer an alternative understanding of artistic practices which do not comply with prevalent concepts of ‘Art.’ We strive to provide a varied programme of presentations and events which question the traditional production of cultural and historical narratives.