The Friction Festival

FP24 Collaborative Art Space Antwerp presents an exploration of contrasting ideas and unpredictable events.

The Friction Festival is inspired by intercultural exchanges and frustrated projects, missed deadlines and ideas that were  lost in translation and never recovered. After seeking ways to release tension and avoid conflict, we decided, that perhaps, it is the opposite which needs to be achieved. Instead of focusing on  completion we should expose the friction  between what is obtainable and what has not been accomplished, our festival is a celebration of unfinished projects and ideas that do not comply with standards or meet expectations .
The festival theme: “ Learning to live with friction,”  stems from all the situations we’ve endured working our way through obstacles and wading through the process of creating and producing a concept, whether it were or material object or not.

My personal experiences lead me to consider how individuals tend to respond to friction, they resist and fight it. From my perspective, I believe that we should stop trying to avoid friction and learn to live with it.

The festival program is a marriage of practical philosophy and technology expressed through art and theory. I hope our offerings will highlight that friction is a frame of mind and a political system, that definitely can be managed with a little patience and good will.

The Friction Festival is the smallest and most obscure festival of Antwerp with the potential to shake people out of their comfort zones into a new world of disruptive and inspirational ideas.

Welcome to the Friction Festival and we wish you and uneasy yet enjoyable time!

Warm regards,
Jaysha Obispo & Alexander Felch

Ever been to a tailormade festival?

Experience it now at Antwerp's smallest festival, the Friction Festival!
At the Friction Festival, the focus is on the visitor.  The festival theme: learning to live with friction, is a reflection on the flipside of success, in other words: what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. The festival programme takes a philosophical look at life in the 21st century, in a kaleidoscopic view of social themes such as, globalisation and media culture, brought together in a stimulating setting where each visitor gets to define his or her own experience. The Friction festival is an exploratory journey into a world of contradictory ideas and unexpected events.

From Antwerp, through the Amazon to Vienna in an instant

Meet international philosophers, poets, filmmakers and performers from Europe and Latin America in a personal way.  Featuring, as a premiere, the film, Sinfonia Amazonia a cinematic rendition of the lives of riverboat workers from the Peruvian Amazon. Alvaro Sarmiento is a filmmaker from Peru, his work explores the effects of globalisation on nature in the Amazon.

Aner Barzilay, philosopher from Vienna and Yale alumnus, sheds light on friction in the works of Nietzsche and Foucault. His research moves at the intersections between philosophy, art, history and critical theory; his work was awarded this year's Hans Gatzke Prize for research in European history. Dilruba Tayfun, animation artist from Turkey, shows a mysterious film about the life of a fungus, Tread Lightly. The film describes the life of the fungus flake, as the biochemical equivalent of the internet. The animation follows the fungus as a natural conductor of nutrients, facilitating life on earth. Her animated film has been selected for the Bristol Science Film Festival. In addition to film and philosophy, there will be a musical contribution from Antwerp accordionist, Speelman Iwein, who will perform a medley of European pop and folk songs. Followed by a poetic contribution by Amsterdam poet, Froukje van de Ploeg, winner of the Hollands Maandblad poetry scholarship, and work by many other performers and visual artists: Jeroen van Amelsvoort, Mirjam Eeken, Carola Fuchs, Alexander Felch, Jaysha Obispo, Sabina Menottiova and others.
Experimental Cultural Festival: FRICTION FESTIVAL
Date: Friday 29 and Saturday 30 November 2019
Time: 8pm to 11pm
Location: Falconplein 24, 2000 Antwerp Schipperskwartier
Copyright image: Alvaro Sarmiento