What happens to the hole when the cheese is gone?
Bertolt Brecht

Transient Hole (Variations) is a component of Transient Hole Research (THR) a hybrid curatorial, art project symposium, initiated in summer 2017 by artist-curator Alexander Felch.

The project title refers to a concept for a media artwork, which cannot materialize because it involves a moving void: A Transient Hole.

International artists and scientists from various fields are invited to interpret, express and find solutions to this paradox, which comprise the body of works, that will be cataloged and exhibited in different cities.

This project was made possible by the support of the Federal Chancellery of Austria.


Alexander Felch, born 1978 in Vienna – resides in Vienna and St. Petersburg – is a curator and conceptual artist. His interests concern the field of abstraction, sound art, art in public space, video- and media art. From 2013 – 2015 he was artistic director of Vienna`s most prominent transmedia artist-run-space mo.e. In addition to his work as an artist and cultural manager, 

Alex is also involved in Media Broadcasting and various theatre projects.


Arnold Berger
Atzgerei Productions
Sophie Dvořák
Alexander Felch 
Aisek Ifraimov
Paul Gründorfer
Karl Salzmann
Christoph Höschele
Hrvoje Hiršl
Anja Nowak
Jaysha Obispo
Jeroen van Amelsvoort
Anna Vasov
Stefan Voglsinger
Hui Ye
David Wauters 

Live Performance: 
T_A-Z (A)

DJ: Soziale Plastik Beuys (A)

Curated by: Alexander Felch and Jaysha Obispo