“After seven years of touring Europe with Jack & Jillian: Public & Private, I completely lost track of myself. “

“That's when the hole expands. When you fantasize about things you'll do, once you've unpacked the boxes, and objects magically reappear.”

Designed by  Jaysha Obispo and curated Alexander Felch

The Observation room, (2017), is a facsimile of a data security cage where the author contemplates the enormous task of structuring her database.  Divided into two strands; a physical and non-physical imprint, she must decide how to frame or discard of her history. 

Through a digitalized artist talk, reflecting on the function and purpose of data storage, electronically or otherwise; the author tries to untangle herself from her imaginary self as she decides what to do with the accumulated mass of information she has collected over the past years. During the performance, the viewer stands between a mirrored gate-like construction, and an adjacent room, where they are left to wonder whether the boxes will remain unpacked for eternity.


 Jaysha Obispo (NL), author and performance artist, produces surrealist video collages, wherein her alter-ego Jillian Beemore, accompanied by her partner Jack Beeless, acts as a catalyst for her mischievous ideas.  Jack & Jillian: Public & Private is a site-specific performance, based upon the eccentricities of the main character. 

“My purpose was to create an avatar to generate a living body of work as continuously flowing text.  I registered Jillian Beemore as a trademark to demarcate her function as an embodied legal entity. Jillian's history follows a semi-spherical outline of incidents, spiraling from one moment, looping through unusual events and encounters in real life (IRL), fantasy or in her engagements online. She is a world traveler and virtual loiterer who does not shy away from talking to strangers in cyberspace.”

The events and reflections taken from her experiences carve a timeline across different cycles of Jillian's lifespan. In general, these events leave an imprint of who she wishes to be, or what she may have been. Jillian is a ghost living in a machine.

My work as an author and performance artist originates from my insatiable curiosity for language and movement. In my experience, communication is as fluid and ambiguous as our identity. The interchangeability of grammar and vocabulary produces meanings which in their ambivalence remain transient and transferable.  Words and their interpretations are unfixed and continue to evolve through usage, forging different definitions throughout time. I enjoy observing instances when our communication systems become unhinged and lead us to unfathomable depths of experience.


Photography and Performance
Jeroen van Amelsvoort

Production and Photography
Angular Flux

Alexander Felch